About Us


Parish Mission Statement:  We are empowered by the Holy Spirit and commissioned by our baptism to continue the mission of Jesus as active ministers of the Church and stewards of God's gifts while living the Gospel values of love, compassion and forgiveness, reaching out to all people.

History:  The history of Saint Peter's Parish goes back over 150 years and reflects a community diverse in its ethnic background  and complete in its desire to worship and serve the Lord. You may read more about our history HERE.

~  Parish Staff  ~

Rectory/Office Telephone: 304-363-7434   Fax:304-363-2660

Administrator:    Rev. Joseph M. Konikattil (Ext. 22)
Deacon:    Rev. Mr. David Lester (Ext. 26)
Secretary:    Mrs. Carolyn Crist (Ext. 24)
Office Manager:    Mrs. Judy Hamilton (Ext. 25)
Religious Education:   

Youth Group:    

Mrs. Karen Carney, K-6 304-367-9612
Mrs. Cynthia Garcia, 7-12 Call the Parish Office
Pastoral Musician:    Mr. Robert H. Ellis 304-363-2847
Website Information:    Perry Greza (WebMaster) 304-363-4788
Lambert Hall & Sacristy:    304-363-5703

~  Holy Cross - Mount Carmel Cemeteries  ~

Cemeteries Office:    Our Staff will assist you


~  Fairmont Catholic Grade School  ~

Website:  http://www.fairmontcatholic.com

Principal:    Ms. Stacy Spadafore


School Office:    Mrs. Poling, Secretary



Last Revised: February 17, 2018