The Sacrament of Annointing of the Sick



  Jesus' care and concern for the sick permeate the Gospels. Though primarily concerned with spiritual sickness, He was not indifferent to bodily afflictions and seemed often to point to the relationship between the two. 

       To be faithful to Him, the Church must care for those who are sick in body as well as spirit.

    The anointing of the sick is a special sacrament for Christians dangerously ill as a result of sickness or old age. The sacrament is also intended for patients undergoing surgery on account of dangerous illness, for elderly persons who are in a weak condition, even if they are not dangerously ill, for children who are seriously ill and have sufficient understanding to be comforted by its reception.

   A communal celebration of this sacrament is held at least once a year so that the sick, surrounded by the Church in the person of their family and friends, can receive special support and encouragement from the faith community.

   The pastor is available for the individual celebration of this sacrament when a family determines that a home, nursing home, or hospital celebration would be most appropriate. Parishioners planning to enter the hospital for surgery are encouraged to receive this sacrament prior to admission.  Please contact the pastor at the Rectory to arrange for this sacrament.

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Last Revised: October 28, 2014