The Sacrament of Marriage



     Christian marriage is the union of a baptized man and woman who freely enter into a loving covenant with each other in Christ. The self-giving love of bride and groom is sealed and strengthened by the Lord; and the married couple imitates, and in a way represents, Christ's faithful love for His bride, the Church. Thus husbands and wives become signs, in and to the world, of God's steadfast love for His people.

  Because marriage is a sacred and serious commitment, it is necessary for all couples contemplating this union to prepare themselves for it by prayer and study. A marriage preparation program includes the following:

  • Before renting a hall, contact the parish to set a date. This should take place at least six (6) months before the desired date of the wedding. In fact, as soon as an engagement takes place, contact the pastor.  A date will not be given to you until after your first meeting with the pastor.  All of these matters will be explained by the pastor to the bride and groom at their first meeting with him.

  • It should go without saying that one of the parties must be a registered member of this parish.

  • The Catholics must give evidence of faith in God, participate in parish worship and activities, and have an understanding of the Catholic faith.

  • Attend one of the Diocesan, Vicariate, or local pre-marriage workshops and any extra sessions with the pastor, as he deems necessary.

  • Work out the pre-marriage inventory and discuss the same with the pastor or his delegate.

  • Present or complete the necessary documentation: recently issued record of baptism, confirmation, and dispensations (if necessary) and complete the necessary diocesan pre-marriage forms.

  • Plan a truly meaningful liturgy in conjunction with the pastor, his delegate, and our parish pastoral musicians.

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Last Revised: October 28, 2014