The Sacrament of Baptism



    Christian Initiation is celebrated in Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. Through these visible actions a person is incorporated into the Church and shares in its mission in the world. Baptism is the first step leading to this full incorporation in Christ and His Church. Thus Baptism cannot be celebrated indiscriminately.

     Adults seeking Baptism and the Sacraments of Initiation, should contact the Rectory.  Please also consult the RCIA information elsewhere on this website.

     Parents accept a great responsibility when presenting their child for Baptism. They will be the child's first teachers in the faith, and they need to be the best of teachers. They need to teach, not only by word, but by example.

   The Godparents also take upon themselves the responsibility of helping the parents of the child to raise the newly baptized in the faith. The Godparents do this mainly by the example of their lives. However, to understand and to be aware of what is expected, the Parents and Godparents need to be instructed. Therefore, a baptismal preparation course is required.

Parents should:

  •    Choose at least one Baptized, Confirmed, and practicing Catholic to be a Godparent.  Two are normally used for this ministry.  Godparents registered in other Catholic Parishes will need to provide a Sponsor Certificate from their Pastor.

  •    Contact the Pastor at the Rectory well in advance to make arrangements for baptismal preparation.  A scheduled date for the Baptism will not be given until the Parents meet with the Pastor during this time of preparation.

  •    Attend the instructions with a desire to deepen one's knowledge of the faith and commitment to living it.

  •    Baptisms can be celebrated at the Easter Vigil, or ordinarily on Sundays, during weekend Mass, or by special arrangement on Sunday afternoon.

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Last Revised: October 28, 2014